IceWind - Armourgenerator Help Page

armour name

The name of the armour. No long sentences, just a short name.
example: black platemail

short description

The short description of the armour. The description you usually see.
example: a black platemail.

long description

The description you will see if you look closely at the armour.
example: It's a black platemail. It will probably protect you well in combat. It has scratches from countless combats.

armour id's

The id's of the armour seperated with commas. The id's are the words that identify the armour.
example: platemail,plate mail,black platemail

armour value

The selling value of the armour.
example: 1206

armour weight

Sets the weight of the armour. Just for the record, 10 is a lot! ;)
example: 5

armour ac

The armour class of the armour. All armours except the 'armour' type have ac 1. The 'armour' type can have a max ac value of 4.
example: 3

armour type

The type of the armour.
armour=body, amulet=neck, boot=feet, cloak=back, glove=hands, helmet=head, ring=finger, shield=shield ;)
example: armour

armour light

Does the armour give off light?
example: no light


Some pieces of armour will only fit certain races. Specify what races you want it to fit here, seperated by commas. If you leave it blank the armour will fit all races.
example: dwarf,elf,human


The properties on the armour. If you want more than one property hold CTRL down and choose the ones you want.
example: metal

registered modifiers

The modifiers you want on the armour is listed here.
example: add_modifier("int",2);

modifier name

The names of the different modifiers. Choose one and fill out the value of the modifier in 'modifier:'
example: intelligence modifier

modifier content

The value of the modifier. In the case of the stat modifiers, use values from -2 to 3 (since higher or lower values probably won't get through qc, trust me) the wear_msg and remove_msg is a line of text the player will see when he/she wear/remove the armour while wear_other_msg and remove_other_msg is the message others will see when the player wear/remove the armour. The rest are percentage values that specify the resistance, protection or vulnerability for a certain damage type.
Remember: Skills starting with prot_ are skills that try to "block" some damage totally. For instance prot_ of 10 will make it 10% chance that the damage will not do any damage at all. Skills starting with vuln_ will make the monster/player more vulunrable to the specified damage type. A vuln_ of 10 will make it 10% chance that the damage done to the monster/player will be doubled. The resist_ skills try to reduce the damage done on the monster/player. A resist_ skill of 10 will make it 10% chance that the damage is reduced to 1/3.
example: The platemail feels like it's made just for you.