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Welcome to the help pages of Icewind! What is it you're looking for?

General Information

The MUD Icewind is now running on a server in Munich/Germany provided by NEONIC. To log on to the world of Icewind use the following address and port number: 2021
The MUD was running a long time on a server in Norway and originally Icewind was a norwegian MUD. Now players of many different nationalities are playing in Icewind - but still, although the MUD has moved to Germany - the norwegian spirit lasts on... (in the names of the NPCs, the theme and legends and the land itself).

Beginners help

So, you want to start playing in the world of Icewind? You want to become a legendary hero/heroine and fight for good or evil ;-[]? No prob, the following steps will help you to find your way during your first minutes in the dangerous world of Icewind.

I hope these few steps will help you finding your way into Icewind. And even if you're alone at the first time you step in it won't take long to find good friends here.

Have fun and be welcome!

Download Section

Click here to visit the download page (the files there are shareware). You can find there:

You can also use the well known mudclient TinyFugue.

MUD and RPG related links

Viking MUD Viking MUD is a fantasy MUD similar to Icewind (Icewind 'inherited' the MUDlib of Viking MUD).
Medieval Times Medieval Times is also a MUD with a fantasy background which evolved from Icewind. With a different combat system and many small and bigger changes in the MUDlib Medieval Times is now quite different compared to Icewind. The MUD is still being developed and not yet open for players.


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