Older News in the World of Icewind

It seems the cute frog north of M'loria is in need of help. At least rumours say so...
(October 15, 2002)

Some travellers reported strange crunching noises in a mountain cave south of M´loria.
(October 11, 2002)

There is a rumour circulating about a new area being discovered in Sealand...
(September 14, 2002)

Quality Control has approved the addition of a new Guild! It will be added to the game by the end of June.
(May 24, 2002)

Some new rumors have been heard recently and Geezer himself told me this:
"I was talking to a brave adventurer the other day. He told me he had found the old Defender wandering the forests and had finally convinced him to talk about what lies inside the Amulet of Anathema.
The Defender told him that, as we all know by now, it is a place of certain death. He also mentioned, however, that there were also incredible treasures to be found.
When he was asked about the nature of these treasures, he could not say, for no one had ever seen them and come out alive. He finished off by saying:

"How glorious treasure it may be
Matters not a thing to me
Within the Gem should I once die
The World in upmost danger be."

(March 27, 2001)

Some rumours say the Torlac the Twisted is back in business, and is meaner than ever. So now Daelon needs your help once again to destroy this evil wizard. Daelon can be found somewhere near the Village of Pagan. So go forth, and destroy the evil wizard! God Speed..
(March 05, 2001)

I heard some rumours that Sharp's romantic beach has reopened. It is located southwards from the hatch, happy dating ;-)
(February 19, 2001)

Somewhere north of the hatch, lies a farm. On this farm lives a girl, who is quite sad. Her older brother has stolen her teddybear and hid it somewhere on the farm.
Can you find the teddybear and bring a smile to the cute little girl's face?
(February 16, 2001)

When clearing out some of the forest around the Eastroad, the lumberjacks discovered a forgotten garden there. An army of gardeners rushed to the place and gave it a real good make-over, making it a nice Romantic Garden. For a serene and peaceful and perfect romantic place to be, it's the Garden.
(January 23, 2001)

Rumours speak of a new danger on the mainland of Icewind. A new monster has been seen recently and already some heroes disappeared while attempting to defeat that creature. Be warned!
(October 15, 2000)