Regions and Places in the World of Icewind


M'Loria is the main village of the humans. It lies well hidden on the central continent, south of the Greater Grizzly Peaks. Four main roads connect the former hideout with several locations on the main continent. North of M'Loria the plain reaches out to the feet of the mountains. If you follow the road further to the west you will soon reach the ocean.
M'Loria itself has everything a village or town needs: An Adventure Guild, Armoury, Blacksmith, Shops and Restaurants. There is even a small secluded area for new adventurers. All in all it is worth a visit. Don't forget to stop by in the House of Knowledge at the village square.


The town of Lemuria is well hidden beneath a small island far away from the main continent. The Lemurien Guild has built the place and is guarding it very well. Be careful for it is well known, that enemys of the Lemuriens may not leave the place in one piece.

The Warmonger's Cave

The Warmongers hide themselves in a dark cave - only to rush out and kill everything in a wild frenzy that tries to stand in their way. So step lightly when you wander around in the mountains north of M'Loria.
It is said that the entrance to the cave is hidden.

The Death Isle

The Death Isle is a place of ruthless anarchy. Without a gouvernment or any souvereign the inhabitants of the death isle are as deadly as the name of their island. Be careful and do not underestimate the dangerous creatures you may encounter. And always remember - on the Death Isle the law is always in favour of the one who kills first.

The Halfling Village Smalltree

Near the planes north of M'Loria a very friendly tribe of halflings built themselves a home. There are some rumours about their mayor who might be in need of something.

The Mountian Plateau

Grizzlypeaks Another dangerous place is the plateau in the eastern part of the Greater Grizzlypeaks. By the way, the Mountainpeople don't like intruders!

You will have to find your way throught the caves and tunnels of the Greater Grizzlypeaks to reach the ice covered fields of sorrow far far to the north. It is said, no one ever returned from there.

Later you will find here a map of Icewind and a description of its main regions. A tour guide to Icewind's most important cities and locations will be included as well. However, the best way to learn something about the world of Icewind is to play yourself!

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