Icewind's TODO List

Game related stuff

Quest areas opening for high-level players
There has been much discussion about why high-level players cannot access certain areas anylonger. Especially closed quest areas like (Battle an Avatar) should still be open for high-level players, but the quests have to be re-balanced, of course.
There is no general solution for this problem, so I will come up with a special solution for every case.

Cloud tower dungeon
Finish cloud tower dungeon and the cloud tower quest(s)

Check snake quest for bugs
Seems the quest trigger when getting the ring back is somewhat broken.

Adventure guild upgrade
New spells for the adventure guild

Who command upgrade
-u flag to show only unidle players

Mudlib related stuff

Inventory system
Fixing all weight related functions: container(done), living, player, monster, coms

Commands drink/eat
Some of the players/living code into the commands (like for open/close)

Checking/Updating property system
Property list and documentation should be checked and updated. Implementation of properties in the mudlib and removal of deprecated props.

Armoury fix

Player object -> modules
Seperate code from player.c into modules

who command
Completely rewrite who command and incorporate all derived commands (gwho, actives, idlers etc.)

chat daemon and chat command revision
The chat system needs a revision. Increase history buffer to 50

property daemon
command 'prop' and the property daemon.

history for party talks
Implement a function for showing the last sentences over a party channel.

tune 'last' command
Syntax: last <player> Also increase number of last messages to 50

Contact Ghorwin in case you want to add something to this list