Guidelines for Guilds

by Ghorwin, August 2000

This document describes the guild design issues and is meant as supplementory document to the Part 13 of the Icewind Crashcourse which describes the technical aspects of guild coding. The story design of guilds is as important as the actual code itself!

What does a good Guild need?

The complete design process can be splitted down into three major design aspects:
  1. Story and background of the guild
  2. Special skills, abilities AND restrictions for members
  3. Guilds items, NPCs, rooms
It is very important to actually work out all the aspects of the new guild BEFORE coding.

Story and background of the guild

The theme of your guild should fit into the general theme of the MUD - Icewind's hostile and cold scenery should be represented in some way as well as the history of your guild should have a chapter speaking of the invasion of evil.

last changes: 1st August 2000 - Ghorwin