shore_w.c - example for course 11

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/* Filename      : shore_w.c
 * Description   : the shore of the lake - but how to cross it?
 * written       : 23-12-1996 - Gunner
 * last modified : 28-05-1998 - Gunner
 * HTML-Version  : 06-02-2000 - Ghorwin

#include <mudlib.h>
inherit I_ROOM;

#define FUNC "/doc/crashcourse/course11/shorefuncs"

    set_short("By the lake");
    set_long("You are standing on the western shore of the lake. There's "
        "not much to see here, except the lake in front of you and "
        "the hill to the west.\n");
    add_item(({"shore","western shore"}),"You're standing on it.\n");
    add_item("hill","You can see the hill to the west of here.\n");
    add_item(({"lake","frozen lake"}),
        "The lake is frozen solid. If you want to cross it, you'd "
        "better wait for the spring to defrost it, because there's "
        "no way you would survive a walk across it, without falling "
        "through and drowning.\n");
    add_item("ice","There sure is a lot of it.\n");
    add_item("sky","Give it a rest, will you? It's still up there.\n");
    add_item("ground","You still expecting for it to vanish beneath you?\n");