Version   Changes Date
v00.10The first course has been finished. 30.09.96
v00.20The second course has been finished. 01.10.96
v00.30The third course has been finished. 01.10.96
v00.40The fourth course has been finished. 01.10.96
v00.50The fifth course has been finished. 02.10.96
v00.60The sixth course has been finished. 03.10.96
v00.70The seventh course has been finished. 04.10.96
v00.80The eigth course has been finished. 04.10.96
v00.90The ninth course has been finished. 05.10.96
v01.00The tenth course has been finished. 06.10.96
v01.10First public release. 10.10.96
v01.20Course 11 has been finished. 23.12.96
v01.30Course 12 has been finished. 23.12.96
v01.40Course 13 has been finished. 23.12.96
v01.50Appendix A has been finished. 23.12.96
v01.60Second public release.
Typecasting added. Plus minor bugfixes.
v01.70Third public release. 14.06.98
A lot of extra stuff added in addition to a major rewrite of a few courses. A lot of bugs have been killed off, and all files should be reasonably up-to-date now.
Course 7: Added wear modifiers! 27.05.98
Course 8: Added mappings and objectfiles! 27.05.98
Course 13: New! Guild programming! 01.06.98
Course 14: New! Diseases and Poisons! 02.06.98
Course AB: Put on ice. No need for it. 
Course AC: New! Bitoperations + more! 01.06.98
Course AD: New! Code collection! 14.06.98
v01.80First parts converted to HTML 26.01.00
v02.00Fourth public release : HTML-Version 13.02.00
v02.01First revision of crashcourse files
Removed some bugs and conversion errors and updated the command index

WRITTEN: 30-09-1996 - Gunner
LAST UPDATE: 14-06-1998 - Gunner
HTML Version: 13-02-2000 - Ghorwin

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