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Ring of Steel


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Creator Ulv, Cervus, Kenobi  
Maintainer Lucifer, Geezer  
The Lemurians have magic abilities brought to them by strangers from Thaaii long ago. The secrets the Lemurians learned make them able to control the powers of nature itself. Their guild lies in the underground city of Lemuria on the island Sealand. To find it you must wander down the road east of the hatch and then turn south. There you will find a shore, from which you can swim to reach the island. Somewhere on the island there is an entrance to the underground city where the Lemurians live. Down there you must find a book which tells the history of the guild, and read it, before you can join and learn the powers of nature yourself.
Ring Of Steel
Creator Gunner  
Maintainer Gunner, Fugetassen  
The seat of the ROS is in the village of Dayaleh, situated close to the first of the six circles of Hell. As the centuries have passed, the ROS has been all that's been standing in the way of the hordes of Hell. They have fought valiantly, and they have prevailed. So far...
The ROS guild is a defensive guild, which normally doesn't use magic, except that which helps it improve its defensive powers. Although they are not easily defeated, their offensive powers leaves something to be desired.
The village can be found north of some cold ice plains, which in turn is located somewhere north of the hatch.
Motto: ''Unity Is Power''
Creator Aztec  
Maintainer Aztec, Milton, Hellfire  
The Warmongers are a clan of bloodthirsty warriors, whose guild hall is rumoured to reside deep in the heart of a mountain, beset on all sides by mighty creatures to test the bravery and prowess of the clan's membership. The Warmongers choose to focus on their own physical strength and therefore shun the magic of others. They choose to practice the ancient Warrior arts, such as swordsmanship, first aid, and the forging of the body into a terrible weapon of flesh.

Motto #1: ''Be prepared.''
Motto #2: ''An axe and armour help a lot with #1''
A typical Warmonger
The Shadowmages
Creator Zap  
Maintainer Zap  
The Shadowmages are powerful mages of the dark. They prefer to stay and fight in dark places because there their powers are strongest. Every member of the guild has a personal staff which is most precious to them. During the quest you have to do when joining the guild you give up your body and become a shadow of yourself.
To join this guild you must find the guild entrance and there the receptionist might send you on a quest if there are new members accepted at that time. You may also ask any member of the Shadowmages about "The Statutes of the Shadowmages" book which they can give freely to any person interested in the guild.
School Of Mages
Creator Gunner  
Maintainers Renae, Phyria, Pippin & Vegas.  
The School Of Mages is a guild for newbie adventurers. Here you will learn to practice your magical abilities, and learn your way around the world of IceWind. The school is located somewhat close to the village of M'loria. The entrance is a tunnel leading into the courtyard of a castle.
The following guilds are under construction.
Creator Danny
Maintainer Craig
Rather cursed then members of a guild the Lycanthropes live and kill for their desire of blood. While assuming different and ever more complex shapes they are always looking for an easy prey.

''Choiceless is guiltless; the night is cold.
Taste the blood, taste power untold.
Become the monster, feel no fright;
Drink the glory of the moon's dark light.''
The were-form of a Lycanthrop

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