Changes Log of Icewinds Webpage

Since there are not so many news all in all, I will just update the general news page from now on.
(October 28, 2009)

Made a a few updates to the gallery, the news, and added some death stats to the statistics page. They are calculated from Gunner's kill script, so I am currently uploading updated stats manually every now and then. Might be worth wile to code something more permament in the
future though.
(February 17th, 2005)
As of today Fugetassen will be helping to keep this website updated.
(December 12, 2004)

Well, after quite some time (being busy with studying and other unimportant stuff) I'm back and will keep the webpage up-to-date again. Thanks for updating it in the meantime Sharp :-)
(September 27, 2002)

After months the DNS have been updated to use our new IP number.
(May 24, 2002)

Well, the toplist seems to work pretty well. I added another statistics today - "The greatest Adventurers". The layout changed a bit, too.
(July 12, 2001)

Whoa, this have been some busy months for me so I couldn't update the webpage that often. But the fact that I was lazy doesn't mean nothing has happened in Icewind so far. Two new areas/locations have been added lately (details later, see board). And finally I managed to get my toplist stuff working - however, you won't be added automatically yet, but this will happen anytime soon.

And btw, did you notice we had our first anniversary on our new webpage? The first upload was one year ago (around the 5th of July). Well, I'd like to thank all people who've contributed to this site!
(July 10, 2001)

Toplists are being generated from within the mud. Daily updates will follow.
July 26th 2001

Major update of the crashcourse (new part added, style modified). New picture in the gallery.
March 26th 2001

Added more photos to the gallery. Updated the statistics, though it doesn't work yet.
March 05th 2001

Added new pictures to Regions / Races / Guilds pages.
February 21th 2001

Added Picture Gallery Page and pictures. Added new statistics pages.
February 20th 2001

Updated help and wizzy page. Added link pictures of VikingMUD and Medieval Times.
February 16th 2001

Updated a number of pages (stylesheet changes). Uploaded new helppage. I'm impressed, 31 visitors since 1st February!!!
February 11th 2001

Added counter to the webpage. Wondered if someone would browse it at all.
February 1st 2001

After quite a while some changes to the graphics. Thorin created better navigation bar images.
January 21th 2001

Added more images to Races and Guilds. Because of problems with non-IE browsers a new screen redirection was added. It works with all common browsers.
November 15th 2000

Added big capitals to Ancient Tales. Added list of '50 oldest players' to Statistics.
October 20th 2000

Modified the layout for lower resolutions. Reduced the size of the logo for screen height < 600.
October 16th 2000

Created two different news categories - now the 'real' News will only mention changes in Icewind itself. Web-Updates will be logged here. Updated Places and Regions Page. Now at least the main places are included. Added 'Contact Us' button and appropriate page. Modified layout slightly... included even more Javascript (I hope, everyone has up-to-date browsers :-)
October 15th 2000

Small GFX update. Thorin (Gimli) created a new navigation bar (new font looks much better)
September 29th 2000

Some additions to the Wizards Library, added helppages-info. The Story and Info pages will be updated next.
September 22th 2000

Only a short update this time. No time left this summer (holiday) and the next update will follow in September. Check out the new Wizards Guidelines (Coding of larger areas) and feel free to send me any comments and suggestions.
August 2nd 2000

Added coding guidelines.
July 26th 2000

Added more content to wizards page. Started LPC Library project.
July 20th 2000

Added two guild descriptions. First dwarven legend included. Layout optimized for Netscape 4, created 'link-to-us'-page.
Just a short notice for all who have homepages as well. If you like to link to Icewinds homepage you may use the following banners (listed on the 'link-to-us' page). If you require a different size and don't have the tool to do the re-sizing yourself, just send a mail with the required format. And, btw, feel free to send a mail if you know a good page with Icewind-related contents (or Fantasy RPG, MUD, LPC programming etc..).
July 13th 2000

More graphics and content. Crashcourse and Wizard Tools included. New Icewind Logo.
July 9th 2000

First upload of Icewinds new webpage.
July 7th 2000

Navigation bar, races info, guilds info, general style.
July 5th 2000