Crashcourse - Part 10

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We have finally arrived at the last course in LPC coding (for now). By this time, you should be able to write your own mud worlds with little or no help. If not, I'm not a very good teacher and shame on me. But, even if you haven't learned much, maybe you have gotten some good ideas along the way...

The mud world in this course, is built up from files from earlier courses as well as some new ones. All files from earlier courses are just copied over to the course10 dir, and changed slightly. There are, however, NO comments anywhere in any of the files. (Except the defs.h file. ;-))
I have done this on purpose, forcing you to try to figure out the coding without my help. Of course, you're free to ask for help if you need it.

Comment by Ghorwin: These files aren't included in this HTML-version of the crashcourse since most of them have been used already in previous courses. All files (whether old or new) can be found in the directory of course10 of the crashcourse.
All examples used in the HTML-crashcourse can be accessed though the example index.

Since this course is more of a self-tutored course, you'll be pretty much on your own on this one. Guess, there's just one thing left to do, wish you good luck. So....


PS! This is not actually the last part, as there are more. But, this is the last general part. The remaining parts are specific.

Gunner / IceWind -96

Comment by Ghorwin: other courses have been added later and form now a part of the complete crashcourse.

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