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defs.hThe definitions file used in later courses. The abbrevations used in this file are a quasi-standard and often used.

Course 01

ruby.cA basic object.

Course 02

longsword.cA basic weapon.
ringmail.cAn armour.
dragonbreath.cA drink.

Course 03

tiny.cA simple monster without any extras.
gnome.cA not so nice and stronger monster.
mage.cA spell casting evil woman.
random.cMultiple monsters in one file.
colussus.cA walking and talking monster.
soldier.cMonster with equipment.

Course 04

mbase.cA mountainbase (normal room).
mbase_w.cWestern part of the mointainbase.
mbase_e.cEastern part of the mointainbase.
cave.cA haunted cave (with room messages).

Course 05

path.cA room with hooks.
pathfuncs.cFunctionfile for path.c
forest.cA forest with add_trigger and reset-hook.
forestfuncs.cFunctionfile for forest.c
amulet.cA magical artifact (with triggers and hooks).
amuletfuncs.cFunctionfile for amulet.c
treebranch.cA room with triggers and hooks.
treefuncs.cFunctionfile for treebranch.c
ring.cA magical ring with spell.
ringfuncs.cFunctionfile for ring.c

Course 06

com/CMD_ACCESS.cThe command access file.
com/hello.cA simple command.
help/helloHELP-file for 'hello'
com/meteor.cA room spell.
help/meteorHELP-file for 'meteor'
com/icicle.cImproved spell with extra checks.
help/icicleHELP-file for 'icicle'
com/cast.cMultiple spells in one command.
help/castHELP-file for 'cast'
wizard.cA monster using the commands.

Course 07

hat.cA magical hat.
hat2.cAn improved magical hat.
hat2funcs.cFunctionfile for hat2.c
gauntlets.cProtective gauntlets with timelimit
gauntletsfuncs.cFunctionfile for gauntlets.c
amulet.cAn autoload amulet.
soberdrink.cA drink to modify sober/soaked
soberfuncs.cFunctionfile for soberdrink.c
potion.cA potion to modify str and dex
potionfuncs.cFunctionfile for potion.c
potion.cA warm cape (protection from cold)
potionfuncs.cFunctionfile for cape.c

Course 08

com/dmessage.cSends a delayed message
help/dmessageHELP-file for 'dmessage'
com/mtell.cSends a message to a range of users
help/mtellHELP-file for 'mtell'
com/ctell.cSends a randomly coloured message
help/ctellHELP-file for 'ctell'
com/atell.cSends a message to all players within an area
help/atellHELP-file for 'atell'
biggnome.cA big unfriendly and chatting gnome
smallgnome.cA small unfriendly and chatting gnome
gnomefuncs.cThe functionfile for the gnomes
com/emails.cStores your emails.
help/emailsHELP-file for 'emails'

Course 09

voiceamulet.cAn enchanted amulet.
voicefuncs.cFunctionfile for voiceamulet.c
axeofdeception.cAn axe with special attacks
axefuncs.cFunctionfile for axeofdeception.c
hornofhell.cA horn to summon a demon
hornfuncs.cFunctionfile for hornofhell.c
demon.cA helping demon
demonfuncs.cFunctionfile for demon.c
spectacles.cAssess a monster with these spectacles
specfuncs.cFunctionfile for spectacles.c
spy.cSpy out a player
spyfuncs.cFunctionfile for spy.c

Course 10

! See source files above and below !

Course 11

quest_file.txtThe questfile of the example quest.
necklace.cThe main questobject
troll.cThe bad guy
girl.cThe good sobbing girl
girlfuncs.cFunctionfile for girl.c
hill.cThe starting point of the quest
shore_w.cThe 'puzzle' room
shore_e.cWhere the troll waits
shorefuncs.cFunctionfiles for both shore-rooms

Course 12

greeting_d.cA simple daemon.

Course 13

master.cThe guildmaster
area/guildcenter.cThe guild's main room
board/guildboard.cThe guildboard
board/boardfuncs.cFunctionfile for the guildboard
com/CMD_ACCESS.cWho is allowed to use the commands
com/drain.cThe spell 'drain'
com/sacrifice.cThe spell 'sacrifice'
com/help.cThe guild help
etc/ENTERGAME_MSGMessage for entering members
etc/EXITGAME_MSGMessage for quitting members
etc/JOIN_MSGMessage for joining members
etc/LEAVE_MSGMessage for leaving members
help/drainCommand help for 'drain'
help/sacrificeCommand help for 'sacrifice'
include/guild.hGeneral guild defines
include/master.hPrototypes of functions in the guildmaster

Course 14

rat.cAn infective rat
ratfuncs.cFunctionfile for rat.c
ratdisease.cThe disease of the rat
spider.cA poisonous spider
spiderfuncs.cFunctionfile for spider.c
spiderpoison.cThe spider-poison

Course 15

bag.cA simple bag
small_chest.cA small chest with some specials
key.cThe key you need to unlock the chests
iron_chest.cAnother chest with even more specials
iron_chest_funcs.cFunctionfile for second chest

Written: 28 - Jan - 2000 - Ghorwin
Last modified: 26 - Mar - 2001 - Ghorwin

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