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The website is now on https only.
(February 11, 2018)

The Teamspeak server is now up and running. Contact Zap for access details.
(January 13, 2018)

With a little luck we will get our TeamSpeak server reactivated and migrated as well.
(January 12, 2018)

We moved once again to a new server and the environment is fully automated this time.
(January 10, 2018)

Happy new year to all Icewind residents!
(January 1, 2018)

The statistics update was broken for quite some time and is now working again.
(March 27, 2016)

Our hardware is close to dead so we move to a virtual environment where hardware death is no longer an issue.
(July 24, 2011)

There has been discovered a dead forest somewhere to the northeast of the hatch by Kira. Although much of the forest remains unexplored, an adventurer has already discovered a dark building somewhere in the forest.
(March 11, 2007)

Rumors flowing in Aretia! Apparently some wandering warriors have been spotted not too far from the village itself. Judging from the rumors, the warriors sound like they might have links to at least three of our biggest guilds here on IceWind.
(March 9, 2007)

An old experienced adventurer has settled down in the village of Aretia. He apparently has opened some kind of shop there. From what I understand it sounds like it might be worth checking out for some of you.
(March 6, 2007)

IceWind suffered a drive crash, which naturally is the cause of the recent downtime. Atm we are trying to recover a more recent backup of IceWind. If you log on and find that you are missing some exp/levels/etc, please contact an Arch and you will be patched back up asap. There might be some missing code, fixes, etc around, so if you see something that you know isn't right, please report it so we can fix it. Again, we apologize for the crash, but we hope to have everything up to speed asap.
(February 7, 2007)

The long lost city of Snowglen has been rediscovered! Travellers came back with word that the road to Snowglen can be found somewhere close to the temple of Athenas, a long way to the north of the hatch. Many mystical and odd creatures have been seen in the area as well.
(July 1, 2005)

The Glassdome Arena has opened somewhere north of M'loria! Here you may challenge fellow adventurers to a fair fight inside the arena. There has already been quite a few fights there, so if you are curious go there and look at the hall of fame, watch the fights from the grand stands, or challenge someone to a fight yourself!
(June 14, 2005)

The village Aretia in Orion's kingdom has opened for players. Dayaleh's blacksmith has been to a convention and come back with a brand new skill! There have also been some strange reports about a new, and very deadly party wandering the Armour of God -area. If you happen to come across these dark spellcasters, RUN!
(May 13, 2005)

Ok, a lot has happend this past month. I've just been a little busy and haven't had the chance to update the website until now. But here are the news!

1.) We have more levels! Level 50 is no longer top level.
2.) We have added support for higher temporary stat limits with 10 points. It is up to each guild to divide these 10 points as they see fit accroding to their own guild theme. So if you are unsure what your new max tmp_stats are, read your guild board, or ask your maintainer.
3.) Players now have the ability to wear multiple rings, and a new armour type has arrived that can be worn around one's waist.
4.) A few more areas have just opened, I would advise everyone to pay closer attention to the "Board of World Evolution", located 'west' from the center of the adventurers guild in M'loria. ('guild','west' from the Village Square in M'loria.)
(April 10th, 2005)

Guildnews - We have a new guild! The School Of Mages was put into play today, and we already have quite a few members. :-) This guild is mainly for newbies, and it has a lot of neat features. If you have any questions ask the maintainers, or the guild's esteemed creator, Gunner. There are also rumors circulating about a newly discovered island, somewhere off the coast in Orion's kingdom. Much of the island remains unexplored, but a brave adventurer has already faced a fearsome dragon, high up in the cliffs of the island.
(March 3rd, 2005)

Some guild notes: On the quest for world balance: - The Warmongers have had their powers tuned up a bit, Lemurians have had their healing powers adjusted slightly, and some bugs have been fixed in Shadowmages guild, making them a lot more effective(and fun) according to its members. Also, the Ring of Steel guild will gain a new power very soon, as QC is just about done with the new skill.
Finally, a note about the website. There has been added some death stats to the statistics part of the site. So pop by them and have a look if you are a stats-junkie, or just curious like the rest of us.
(February 17, 2005)

We have our second LEVEL 50 player! Congratulations SNOOPY!
Also, a note for those highlevel players: Some new neat features are in the works for you.
(February 16th, 2005)

As promised, a lot of new areas have been put in to play lately, and more are yet to come. Somewhere near the eastroad, there has been discovered a strange maze, many adventurers have spent hours trying to figure that place out. Also, a big castle has been discovered in the same area, the castle is said to hold quite a few secrets. There has also been discovered a gigantic rock golem by the base of a mountain, somewhere north of Captain Steele's outpost, some say the golem is guarding something. Also, a new dragon has been sighted on Death Island, it has already claimed the lives of a few unlucky adventurers.
(January 26, 2005)

Well the new year is upon us, and there has been a lot of QC-activity lately.(*All hail Gunner*) Meaning that players can expect some new areas in the near future. There is already a rumor of a newly discovered kingdom somewhere near the hatch.

And, on behalf of all Arches and Wizards on IceWind, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and productive 2005!
(January 3, 2005)

The gallery has been updated and we have some new faces there.
(December 17, 2004)

A new repair shop for all sorts of boxes and bags has opened north of M'loria. Be patient with the shopkeeper, he is already a bit deaf. And, btw, he's selling lanterns which are quite handy in long trips underground.
(June 29, 2004)

We have our first LEVEL 50 player! Congratulations NASSE!
(June 14, 2004)

So, a lot has happened in this winter so far: We had a few crashes (related to FTP), some new bugs related to intensive hacking in the mudlib and a bit confusion about some commands. But the good news are - this is all past and the mud is running fine so far (apart from some bugs whose cause could not yet be identified).
Anyway, we have a new party command, the feeling daemon is finally implemented and working, some commands were upgraded ('eq' and 'bags') and a lot of mudlib documentation was updated.
There are also a few new areas to be expected soon.
(January 24, 2004)

Wizards news: The property system has changed slightly. Look at the command 'prop' and the help page.
(November 28, 2003)

WE HAVE A NEW GUILD!!! The shadow mages (under the leadership of Zap) have settled in the realm of Icewind and are looking for new members. Rumours say that playing as a shadow mage can make you a mud addict, so better stay clear of it :-)
(July 09, 2003)

The CloudTower wizards had a gathering and decided to better defend themselves from intruders. Any (midlevel) player who enters the area should now consider the possible consequences.
(June 01, 2003)

You probably won't believe it but an old fort has been discovered east of the Warmongers Guild.
(January 27, 2003)

More rumours going around: Elves have been heard to be running around on the South Road!
(January 17, 2003)

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