LPC Crashcourse

So you have deceided to learn how to make your contribution to the wonderful world of IceWind? Very well. This crashcourse is supposed to be an aid in the first steps toward coding as well as some hints for the more experienced coder.

PS! This course is not meant to be a replacement for all the old ones. Please make sure you read the doc files in /doc in addition to this course.

Apart from the courses the following links may prove useful:

All files for this crashcourse is copyrighted to: Gunner / IceWind
You may (ab)use the files as you wish I only ask that if you use my coding in your files, to credit me. And if you choose to distribute the files, keep all files intact without changes.

This crashcourse was written for IceWind MUD at icewindmud.org 2021 (originally it was icewind.rlyeh.net 2021) where the most recent version of this course may be found at all times.

Then there's nothing left but to wish you good luck in your quest for coding skills and please remember, there's no shame in asking for help. :-)

Gunner / Icewind -96

Additional information - HTML-Version

Why did I convert the crashcourse into HTML? Well, there are plenty of reasons - the main reason was simply egoism. While converting all that stuff I learned how to code in LPC ;-)
But this crashcourse will as well help if you're looking for something specific and really can't remember where you read it. The syntax-highlighting (or better comment-shadowing) improves the readability of the code and the example index will save you some time you would spend searching through the /doc dir. Finally, the function-index allows you to find the course and textposition where a function was first mentioned and explained.
Thanks go to Thorin@Icewind for his navigation buttons.

I hope this HTML-Version helps a little in the (not so small) effort of learning how to code in LPC.

Ghorwin / IceWind - 2000

WRITTEN: 30 - Sep - 1996 - Gunner
LAST UPDATE: 15 - Oct - 1997 - Gunner
HTML Version: 13 - Feb - 2000 - Ghorwin

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